Social Impact

KaplaniKid Productions was founded by Dr. Jenna Maria Constantine, and inspired by her beloved Grandfather, Konstantinos Demetrios Gliarmis, who dedicated his life to social justice and giving back to his community. He instilled in her that one person, through their words and actions, can truly make a difference. 

Dr. Constantine honors her Grandfather’s legacy through the Award-winning stories told at KaplaniKid Productions, all of which educate, inspire, and activate people around urgent social justice issues through powerful and poignant storytelling. 

In addition to the Award-winning works created by Dr. Constantine, in her Grandfather’s honor, in 2022, she established the “Mr Gus” D. Gliarmis Social Justice Memorial Scholarship. The Scholarship, is in the form of an annual donation to the Charles H. Darden Alumni Association, and will be bestowed annually to a rising Senior high school student demonstrating interest in pursuing a pathway in education that will lead to advancing social justice efforts and initiatives. 

Of the many, many lessons Dr. Constantine’s Grandfather taught her when she was a little girl, she remembers his words, “when you grow up…reject discrimination…don’t turn your back on injustice…and never forget…the soul doesn’t have a color.” 

Through the work of KaplaniKid Productions, and the “Mr. Gus” D. Gliarmis Social Justice Memorial Scholarship, it is the hope that a new generation will be inspired and empowered to lead and advance efforts that can have a positive impact in their communities.

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